Symbolic Interaction – Thematic Issue “Interaction and Organizations” #sssi #sociology #management


The latest issue of “Symbolic Interaction” includes a Thematic Section on “Interaction and Organizations”. The section includes the multi-award winning article “Connecting Practical Doings to Cultural Meanings” by Carley Geiss (@carleygeiss) as well as articles by Judson Everitt and Taylor Tefft, Andreas Blok (with Maria D. Lindstrøm, Marie L. Meilvang, Inge K. Pedersen), Katrina Kimport, Brittany Pearl Battle, Eli R. Wilson, and Henrietta Fries Esholdt, as well as 7 book reviews. The issue is introduced by the journal’s editor Scott Harris.

Link to Thematic Issue

Table of Contents

Introduction to a Thematic Issue: Interaction and Organizations
  • Pages: 509-512


Open Access
Negotiated Discretion: Redressing the Neglect of Negotiation in “Street‐Level Bureaucracy”
  • Pages: 513-538

Connecting Practical Doings to Cultural Meanings: Exploring the Work of Moral Mediators in Human Service Organizations
  • Pages: 539-563

Professional Socialization as Embedded Elaborations: Experience, Institutions, and Professional Culture Throughout Teacher Careers
  • Pages: 564-587
Ecologies of Boundaries: Modes of Boundary Work in Professional Proto‐Jurisdictions
  • Pages: 588-617

Pregnant Women’s Experiences of Crisis Pregnancy Centers: When Abortion Stigmatization Succeeds and Fails
  • Pages: 618-639
“They Look at You like You’re Nothing”: Stigma and Shame in the Child Support System
  • Pages: 640-668
Tip Work: Examining the Relational Dynamics of Tipping beyond the Service Counter
  • Pages: 669-690
Virgins, Terrorists, and Ten Children: Immigrants’ Humorous Play with Ethnic Stereotypes in Bonding with Danes in the Workplace
  • Pages: 691-716


Reimagining the Interactionist Analysis of Institutional Action
  • Pages: 717-719


Management as Day‐to‐Day Interaction and Meaning Making

  • Pages: 720-722
Navigating Institutional Spaces: Minority Girls and the Juvenile Justice System
  • Pages: 723-725
Work in a Rubber Cage
  • Pages: 726-728
Tensions Deriving from “Talking Art”: Extrapolating on the Challenges in Academized Professional Socialization
  • Pages: 729-731
Emotion Management Where Emotions Shouldn’t Be
  • Pages: 732-734

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