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The College of Optometrists has recently launched a new online course on communication skills in optometry. The course, open to members of the College of Optometrists only, is aimed at newly qualified members and those returning to work. It will take participants through the stages of an eye examination and look at ways to improve communication skills. One non-interactive CET point is available and communication and standards of practice competencies are covered.


Good communication can increase patient confidence in your knowledge and skills and result in greater patient satisfaction. It can also lead to more accurate test results and improved compliance with treatment plans. 

In this course you will cover the key stages of the eye examination:

·         meeting the patient

·         understanding patients’ concerns 

·         carrying out clinical tests 

·         delivering findings

·         ensuring patient compliance 

·         patient-centred care.

Activities are followed by hints and tips sections on open and closed questions and active listening.

This course is based on the results of research projects undertaken by King’s College London, the Institute of Education and the College of Optometrists from 2009 onwards. The projects investigated how optometrists conduct eye examinations and how their findings were communicated to patients.

Publications from the projects can be found HERE.

A description of the Knowledge Transfer Project funded by the ESRc and the College of Optometrists can be found HERE.

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