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Announcement, Special Issue, Symbolic Interaction

About a year ago, Symbolic Interaction published a Call for Papers for a Special Issue on ‘The Senses in Social Interaction’ that I co-edit with Will Gibson (UCL). Once published, probably in 2021, the Special Issue will explore the senses as interactional phenomena. Symbolic Interaction has recently begun to publish some of the articles on Early View:

Eduardo de la Fuente and Michael James Walsh – “Framing Atmospheres: Goffman, Space, and Music in Everyday Life”

Danielle Pillet-Shore – “When to Make the Sensory Social: Registering in Face‐to‐Face Openings” (with video abstract)

Lorenza Mondada – “Orchestrating Multi‐sensoriality in Tasting Sessions: Sensing Bodies, Normativity, and Language

David Matthew Edmonds and Christian Greiffenhagen – “Configuring Prospective Sensations: Experimenters Preparing Participants for What They Might Feel

Giolo Fele and Ken Liberman – “Some Discovered Practices of Lay Coffee Drinkers”

Sylvie Grosjean, Frederik Matte and Isaac Nahon-Serfaty – “Sensory Ordering” in Nurses’ Clinical Decision‐Making: Making Visible Senses, Sensing, and “Sensory Work” in the Hospital”

Book Reviews

Brigitte Biehl – “Atmospheres always open to change” – Review of Atmospheres and the Experiential World: Theory and Methods By Sumartojo, Shanti and Pink, Sarah ( Routledge, 2019) –